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Hi, I'm Lori Threatt

Luxury Travel Advisor

Hi I'm Lori Threatt, and I'm on a mission to turn your travels into Relaxing Escapes. Some of my fondest memories come from our family vacations—those moments when laughter echoed the loudest, conversations flowed the deepest, and we truly savored each other's company without life's usual hustle and bustle. To me, travel isn't just about seeing new places, but about the people we meet when we venture off the beaten path. It's about spending time with locals, learning from them, and building upon our global perspective.


I spent most of my adult life as an entrepreneur, helping corporations and healthcare organizations turn their visions into realities. And then came retirement—a golden opportunity to blend my expertise in system requirements, planning, and project management with my unwavering passion for serving others and travel.

The spark that ignited Relaxed Escapes Travel Consultants happened during a women's retreat at my church. I met widows and single women eager to explore the world but unsure of where to start. Similar concerns echoed among friends who were empty nesters or retired—they craved travel without the stress of planning, yearning for the comfort, camaraderie, and safety of group adventures.


And so, my agency was born, with a mission to provide trustworthy travel advice for women's groups, empty nesters, and retirees.

From the bustling streets of Sidney, Australia, to the serene landscapes of Alaska, and the rich history of Italy and Greece, I've been blessed to explore over 33 countries, throughout the United States, river cruises along the Danube and Rhine rivers, ocean voyages, and immersive land tours—each journey has been a chapter in my global adventure.


As a full-time travel advisor, I'm committed to providing nothing short of extraordinary service. I devote hours each week to training and staying updated on the latest travel guidelines and destination-specific information. As a Certified Leisure Specialist, CLIA Accredited Cruise Counselor, Certified Group Travel Specialist, and Trusted Travel Advisor, you can trust you're in capable hands.

My clientele includes an array of adventurers—empty nesters, professionals, university alumni and retired faculty associations, multi-generational families, churches, and vibrant women's groups.


I'm here to craft your next adventure, be it a luxury river cruise,  ocean voyage, or a bespoke land vacation. Together, we'll rediscover your favorite destinations or explore new ones, ensuring you return feeling recharged and reconnected.


I’m in the business of creating Relaxing Escapes that linger in your memory for years to come. Let's embark on this incredible journey together!

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"Lori is a true professional in every sense of the word. During our travel tour to Canada, she accompanied the group and provided superb communication, extra planning, and outstanding problem solving when needed. During the earlier planning stages, Lori was very thorough, patient, and kind, providing very helpful instructions and information. We would definitely recommend Lori for any and all travel expertise. Our trip was outstanding in every way, and we credit Lori for making sure that the whole travel experience met and exceeded our expectations."

University of Texas Travel Committee Member, Texas


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